Chidicon Medical Center,
International Institutes of Advanced Research and Training.  Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC)
AAAC was founded on 8th August, 2006 and now comprises a
collaboration of  major Pro-Life groups active in 53 African countries.

Our Mission
  • To provide spirituality to the fight against abortion and
  • To keep abortion illegal
  • To support chastity and abstinence for spirituality and health.
  • To oppose legalization of same-sex marriage.
  • To provide scientific evidence for gender complementarity.
  • To support Annual February 14th Millions' People March  Against
  • To oppose national and international efforts to introduce a 'culture
    of death'
  • To promote 'The Sanctity of Life'.
Spirituality to Anti-abortion and Anti-contraception Campaign
I. Jesus is condemned to death. Just
as a mother decides to kill the unborn -

II. Jesus accepts his cross. Just as
Malachi bears the burden of abortion
and contraception.

III. Jesus falls for the first time. Just as
Malachi succumbs to the effects of

IV. Jesus meets his mother. Just as
Malachi clings to his mother through
the placenta.

V. Simon of Cyrene is compelled to
carry the cross. Just as people of good
will speak for the unborn.  

VI. Veronica wipes the agonized face of
Christ. Just as Malachi agonizes over
his death.

VII. Jesus falls for the second time. Just
as Malachi is pinned down with forceps
during abortion.

VIII. Jesus speaks to the women. Just
as Malachi cries out to the mother in

IX. Jesus falls the third time to show the
third deadly stage, as Malachi’s neck is
pierced with a knife.

X. Jesus is stripped of his garment in
defiance of Malachi’s death.                   
broke the legs  John 19:32.     

XI. Jesus is nailed to the cross. Just as
Malachi was crucified on the Copper-T,
the cross of the Unborn.

XII. Jesus dies on the cross to redeem
Malachi and his mother from the
Calvary of the womb.

XIII. Jesus was taken down from the
Cross. Malachi’s blood sucked with
Manual Vacuum Aspirator (MVA).    

XIV. Jesus is laid in a borrowed tomb.
Just as Malachi was thrown into a
waste refuse container.  

Rosary beads replace the contraceptive
pills, and sanctifies the womb-
“Blessed  is the Fruit of Thy womb.” -
Luke 1:42. The
Cross of Christ replaces
cross of the Unborn  Copper-T IUD.

The essence of the Eucharist is for the
Blood and Body of Our Lord Jesus
Christ to replace the blood and body of
the Unborn. ..This is my body which is
given for you. Luke 22:19
AAAC Letter to G8
Leaders on

Motherhood is cherished across the vast cultural diversity of
It is marked by cheers and tears of joy,
to welcome a new Life, a newborn, and a new child.
A new person is born with dignity and respect in our
All these will not be, because of abortions and
contraception. Tears of shame, solitude and loneliness,
bitterness and anguish, secrecy and pretence,
are the plight of a would-be mother that never was,
a child that would never cry, a boy that would never be a
man,  a girl that would never wed.
“Blessed is the Fruit of Thy womb”. Luke 1:42
A most appropriate greeting to every woman,
to underscore the Sanctity of Life in the womb.
Please let us greet all our women in all languages,
“Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb”.
- A message from the AAAC Chairman.

Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD.

Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of my
And for the lives of all my brothers and
I know there is nothing that destroys more life
than abortion,
Yet I rejoice that you have conquered death
by the Resurrection of Your Son.
I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.
Today I commit myself, Never to be silent,
Never to be passive,
Never to be forgetful of the unborn.
I commit myself to be active in the pro-life
And never to stop defending life
Until all my brothers and sisters are
And our nation once again becomes
A nation with liberty and justice
Not just for some, but for all.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Composed by Priests for Life
African Anti-Abortion Coalition - AAAC
The Sanctity of Life
Forty million abortions a year in Africa equal Forty million
crucifixions of Christ on Calvary of the womb.  
"40 million Peoples March in African Against Abortion"
G8 Africa AID
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Calvary of the
IUCD copper-T
On 7/7/2005, the G8 Countries during the United Kingdom Presidency
in Scotland adopted the African Action Plan; relevant sections of this
plan urged donor countries to tie AID to adoption of Abortion by
African Countries. At the Second Anniversary of the African Action
Plan the African Anti-Abortion Coalition expressed reservations and
elucidates the consequences of this plan to Africa's development.
Please read details below.

                                                             27th July, 2007.
Presidency of the G8 Summit 2007                                                    
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel                                                                     
Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1                                                                                 
10557 Berlin, Germany

Her Excellency,

2nd Anniversary of the 2005 Declaration of G8 Africa Action Plan

The G8 Africa Action Plan, charged African governments to show
leadership in promoting Women’s and Men’s rights to sexual and
reproductive health. Governments were held accountable for ending the
stigma and gender discrimination associated with sexual and
reproductive services. There is no doubt that this document is a further
2010  - Sections #3.3, #4.1-4.3; and  THE PROTOCOL TO THE
IN AFRICA - Articles #14 (1a, 2c), #26. The agenda is simply, to muscle
Africa into legalization of “abortion on demand”.  The definition of the
term REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH to mean ‘abortion on demand’ has
been authoritatively given by Andras Vamos-Goldman (Canadian
Representative at World Summit on Children 2001). Regardless of the
international outrage elicited by this definition, it still stands out in all
subsequent international documents on Africa. Even though it is known
that, humans do not reproduce but procreate, the appropriate
terminology of PROCREATIVE HEALTH has not been adopted in
subsequent international documents on Africa, including the G8 Africa
Action Plan.
Leading experts in Africa addressed these issues at a Pro-Life
conference on the theme “African Children Under Extinction”, where U.
S. Congressman Christopher Smith was the guest speaker, held at the
Pan-African University Lagos on February 23rd, 2007. The experts
noted that, Western countries have imposed very strict ethical
guidelines for use of both embryonic and fetal stem cells in EU
countries, but have not demanded that same apply in Africa, before
endorsing legalization of abortions. This double standard, calls to
suspect the intention of the donor countries. The experts urged African
governments to reject all aids tied to abortion. The participants called
for a full US congressional investigation of the matter, even though it
involves foreign governments.
The paper delivered by Congressman Christopher Smith on Critic of
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS 2007-2010 - Sections #3.3, #4.
#26; were responded to by leading legal and medical experts from
Nigeria and other African countries. The experts concluded that, the pro-
abortion advocates like IPPF, crafted the draft in such broad and vague
language to achieve the interpretation of ‘free abortion on demand’. For
example, article #14.2c states that:  
c) to  protect the reproductive rights of women by authorizing medical
abortion in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest, and where the
continued pregnancy endangers the mental and physical health of the
mother or the life of the mother or the fetus.  
All legal and medical experts agreed that, the underlined text could be
interpreted to mean that, even simple headache, if perceived by the
mother as a sign of mental or physical distress, is enough reason to
seek an abortion.
Furthermore, article #26.2 which states that:
2. States Parties undertake to adopt all necessary measures and in
particular shall provide budgetary and other resources for the full and
effective implementation of the rights herein recognized.   Experts also
agreed that this means State funding of abortion clinics with taxpayer’s
Any informed observer of international relations would agree that, no
international protocol has included abortion rights to the extent
recognized in this protocol.  The protocol’s article #28 provided for
signature, ratification and accession of the document, in accordance
with their respective constitutional procedures.  However, investigations
have revealed that, in no African country were the proper constitutional
procedures followed. The latter led experts to conclude that, the
document said to have been signed and ratified, failed to meet the
appropriate constitutional due process, and therefore, must be null and
void, and would not enter into force. All African governments were
advised to register their protest with the Chairperson of the
Commission of the AU. The participants went further to urge, African
governments to expel Ipas, IPPF and UNFPA from their respective
countries, since these organizations acted against the statues of right-
to-life, enshrined in their constitutions.  
The participants decried the unsupported false propaganda of pro-
abortion advocates that, 4 million unsafe abortions occur in Africa, and
was linked to high maternal mortality rate. This is factually wrong.
Regrettably, close to 40 million abortions are performed each year in
private and public clinics in Africa by trained medical personnel
including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and birth attendants. The
number of abortions performed by untrained personnel continues to
fall, though there is a threat that this decline may stall,  with introduction
of Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirators (MVAs), which makes it easier for
untrained personnel to perform ‘backstreet abortions’ with a big
syringe, rather than the elaborate medical procedure of D&C. The
medical reason for the high maternal mortality rate (the number of
maternal deaths related to childbearing divided by the number of live
births) is in most part due to poor access to adequate antenatal care.
Deaths from unsafe abortions are not even part of the maternal
mortality rate, by medical definition anywhere in the World. Hospital
surveys and periodic reviews reported by medical experts, show that
deaths related directly to the medical procedure of abortion in Africa is
now rare. Even when complications result from interventions by
untrained personnel, mortality remains low. There are no safe-
abortions; abortion like any other medical intervention has an
associated risk. The so-called ‘safe abortions’ which implies the use of
Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirators (MVA), propagated by pro-abortion
advocates- the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF,
IPAS, and UNFPA) and others, is fast becoming No.1 means, of
iatrogenic (related to medical procedure) spread of HIV in Africa. As has
earlier been warned by practitioners, MVA use and re-use, poses a
great danger, with the potential of complicating Africa’s AIDS crisis.  The
AIDS pandemic, mixed in the milieu of abortions with MVA, would
assume catastrophic levels of spread. Even the introduction of safety
methods with MVAs, such as those used to prevent syringe-reuse,
would be countered by ‘local construction’ that would make reuse
possible. There is a rising rate of the triad - HIV, Hepatitis B and C, in
clinics in Africa, particularly among young women, who have had recent
abortions. This is a dangerous pointer to the looming public health
disaster. Simply put, the use of Ipas MVA Plus, has removed abortions
from the business of some medical practitioners to the domain of
‘quarks’, and has only but increased the disaster associated with this
death business. Doctors and nurse practitioners in South Africa have
made known their objection to this, by staging strike actions. Ipas MVA
Plus should be banned in Africa, because it will complicate the African
AIDS crisis.
The conference participants examined the motives of the pro-abortion
advocates in promoting legalization of abortions in Africa, when they
know that their so-called ‘safe abortion’ option is every other thing but
safe. It was concluded that the promotion of  ‘safe abortion’ option with
Ipas MVA Plus has nothing to do with improved reproductive health for
African women, however, it has everything to do with the projected
trillion dollars in commerce from stem cell fetal tissue trafficking for
transplantation. It has been alleged by a number of leading African
experts, published in Nigerian newspapers that, pro-abortion
advocates act as proxies for the international biotechnology
conglomerates. Both are seeking to enthrone a culture of abortion in
Africa, especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The use of Ipas
MVA Plus is to simplify collection of aborted fetal tissues, for further
harvesting of stem cells for transplantation in Western countries. They
do not care whether it is safe or not for African women, as far as it is
simple, that any ‘quark’ can do it, and get them their cells for money. A
Trans-Atlantic Fetal Tissue Trafficking market would grow, to displace
oil and natural product exports in revenue that goes directly to the
people. African governments would be placed in a dilemma having to
fight the trade in death or choose poverty, as the G8 document already
prescribed. For now, it is just the donor money that has been
threatened. As the trade grows and small remunerations are given to
patients, to encourage more abortion tissue sales from collection
centers, a new dynamics is set in place.  In not too distant future, it
would be an economic fight for survival, with families relying on food
from abortions of their eleven year old daughter. Moreover, the 20
African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cameroon,
Djibouti, Gambia, Libya, Lesotho, Mali, Mozambique, Mauritania,
Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo,
and Zambia) who signed and ratified
IN AFRICA - Articles #14 (1a, 2c), #26, are among the poorest in the
World, and ‘abortion for food’ is not too far away an option. The
consequences of this G8 Africa Action Plan document and others like it,
that force abortions on Africa, aims at a total moral and ethical
bankruptcy of the African society, and final extermination of the people in
spiraling social decadence.  The donor countries’ insistence on ‘aid for
abortion’ implied in the G8 African Action Plan document has tinted all
goodwill. The REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH project is a dead end for
Africa. We the people of Africa will choose poverty over death.
It was noted by a number of observers that, biotechnology companies
are not even waiting for the legalization of abortion to commence their
trade. At present, large-scale unethical open clinical trials, using stem
cell derived eye tissue grafts are taking place in Nigeria and other
countries in Africa, by some companies. Under the disguise of ‘free eye
surgery’, stem cell derived tissue cell lines are being implanted with the
uninformed endorsement by local officials. Fertility clinics have been
established by Western companies in Africa’s largest cities, and having
no ethical restrictions, they routinely harvest embryos for their stem
cells, from uninformed, non-consenting women, seeking children, even
though they are charged exorbitantly, for in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
procedure.  The Western biotechnology firms, and more importantly
their investors, would want a full legal protection to operate within Africa.
These companies have in recent times become the financial backbone
for pro-abortion advocates. They fund other make-belief charities and
foundations that support abortion culture in Africa. Even the education
curriculum in Africa has not been spared. There are awards of so-
called educational grants, given for support of sex-education only,
aimed at catching them young in the abortion-psycho.
Speakers decried the unholy alliance of the pro-abortion advocates and
biotechnology firms. The very highly placed directors, who are very
active members of the cartel, move within the pro-abortion
organizations as regional heads and on retirement end-up on the
boards of biotechnology firms or their business associates. The
warning on the potential conflict of interest, and the need for adequate
ethical guidelines in Africa was given by the World Medical Association
(WMA). The conference mandated a subcommittee to recommend
measures to prevent the pro-abortion advocates and their trading
partners from profiting from the death business. The subcommittee
report recommended that: 1) all African countries enact ethical
guidelines for stem cell use for research and transplantation, similar to
that of the United States of America; 2) there should be a total ban on
export or import of embryonic and fetal stem cells (but not adult stem
cells) in all African countries; 3) the AU countries should push within the
UN, for a mandatory UN monitoring system that, will require all users of
stem cells, to provide country of origin of the cell lines in publications
and all official documentations; 4) there should be a fine of two hundred
and fifty million US dollars ($250 million)  for Embryonic or Fetal Tissue
Trafficking trade and long jail terms for offenders. The revenue should
be given to the country of origin of these embryonic and fetal stem
Population experts at the conference charged that, the UNFPA has long
advocated the depopulation of Africa, through forcing abortion polices
on African governments. It does this, against all rational arguments and
is out of sync with its own recommendations, elsewhere in Europe and
America. It is an established fact that population density is the main
factor for economic development. African countries have very low
population densities of 2 persons per sq km (e.g. in Gabon), up to 110
persons per sq km in Nigeria.  Europe has between 350-450 persons
per sq km, America (east coast) has 400-450 per sq km, Japan has
400-450 per sq km, China/India 300-400 per sq km. etc. One might
ask, where would Africa get the human capital she needs to develop, if
most people will die from abortions? The depopulation policy of the
UNFPA in Africa is suspect, and may have other motives. The
conference urged African governments to follow the lead of the United
States, who have declared that, the actions of UNFPA constitutes
‘crimes against humanity’ and have rightfully so, suspended all
cooperation including contribution of over $34 million US dollars.   
The guest lecturer noted that African governments are being
blackmailed and cited for human rights violations, if they do not
authorize free abortion on demand. Organizations like Amnesty
International and Human Rights Watch have included abortion on
demand as a human rights issue. The conference participants asked
for a financial disclosure by Amnesty International and Human Rights
Watch, to preclude the suspicion that, this unethical shift in policy was
financially motivated by contributions from biotechnology companies.  
All at the conference rose in affirmation that, sooner rather than later,
‘Justice for the Death of African Children’ must be served. The
conference adopted February 14th every year, as a day of Peaceful
Millions’ People March against Abortion in Africa. They affirmed the
success of the first march held on February 14th, 2007.
Our purpose of writing, on this second anniversary of this most
unfortunate document issued by the G8, is to request that heads of
governments and donors reverse their decision to ‘tie aid to abortion’.
We applaud the efforts of the G8 countries to promote good governance
and economic development in Africa. We hope that the G8 leaders will
continue to put the goodwill of their people, who have made their tax
dollars available, into projects like provision of potable water, fight
against Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV, support for ecologically friendly
solar energy use, and human capacity development. The G8 in
collaboration with African governments could establish international
centers of excellence in education from primary to university levels in
Africa. We hope that the G8 African Action Plan would include a
technical apprenticeship program, with ‘Skilled Master’ volunteers from
Europe, Japan, Russia and America, to teach in Africa, towards a real
technology transfer program in this Digital Age, styled like the ‘German
Apprenticeship Program’ and the Marshall Plan for Europe. The health
benefits and socio-economic transformation of Africa would be a good
return on investment, which by the way, is the highest in the World even
We are appealing to you and President Bush, to provide leadership,
and have G8 countries reverse course on the issue of ‘aid for abortion’.  
We hope the United Kingdom, who conceived the G8 Africa Action Plan
with all good intentions, will continue to pursue all the other worthy
goals of the plan, as was originally intended.
We thank you in anticipation,

Yours truly,

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD.
Chairman, African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC).

Copies sent to: Leaders of G8 countries, African Leaders, Pope
Benedict XVI, UN Secretary General, WHO Director, and International
Other Chidicon
The Cross of
the Unborn

The AAAC is headed by a Council, which comprises experts in
various fields of endeavor. Membership of the Council is by
nomination and election by seating members. All aspiring members
MUST be known members of Pro-Life organizations in their home
countries, and their stand MUST be unequivocally against abortion
and contraception in ALL cases. Members of Council could elect to
remain anonymous as members of AAAC Council. However, all
holders of the office of Chairman of Council and Senior Advocate
must be known spokespersons of the Council. Collaborating
organizations on Pro-Life issues could be listed as contributing
members  of the coalition.

Who Can Be A Member Organization
  • Christian organizations
  • Islamic organizations
  • Other faith-based groups
  • Non-governmental organizations

  • Governmental organizations
  • Intergovernmental institutions
  • Foundations and organizations contributing to pro-abortion
    and pro-contraception programs

AAAC does not award or receive monetary grants from any individual
or organization. All activities are funded independently by the
member organizations in their own geographic location. AAAC
Council discourages any exchange of funds. The Council considers
the issue of not receiving donations on-behalf of  AAAC activities
seriously. We intend to remove any issues related to conflict of
interests. We strongly urge members not to solicit funds  on behalf of
Reply of Parliaments, International, and National Organizations  to AAAC
Letter on '2nd Anniversary of the 2005 Declaration of G8 Africa Action

Response of The World Bank

"..Please rest assured that the World Bank finances programs that are
within the legal framework of countries, and does not promote or advocate
for changes in legislation to make abortion legal "  
World Bank August  27th, 20007

Response of The European Commission

"...In this context the European Commission supports the full Cairo
Agenda, including Section 8.25 of the ICPD Cairo Programme for Action:
In no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning."
European Commission August 31st,  2007.

Response of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Mr Gordon

Response of the Prime Minister of Canada: Rt Hon. Stephen Harper

Response of the Archbishop of Westminister London: Cardinal Cormac

Response of Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria: (Maj. Gen.)
Abubakar Tanko Ayuba (rtd)
Calvary of the Womb
IUCD - copper-T

The Passion of Christ is the Divine Drama, in which we all  
participate. The Essence of the Passion, is for Christ to dramatize
by Himself all stages of the ordeal of the Unborn in the process of
partial birth abortion.
The Passion of Christ parallels the passion of the Unborn.
The essence of the Cross is to defeat the cross of the Unborn -
Copper-T. This is the Drama could only have been written 2000
years ahead of time, by God Himself, who is in a timeless domain.

Why the Cross?
The Cross is shaped like the inside of a woman's womb, the
place that life begins at conception. It is the main stage of the
WAR between GOD and Devil. The 'will' of the woman to keep Life
in the womb or not is the singular condition on who wins in that
WAR. If God is to win, then the woman must submit to Him. Our
Blessed Mother Mary - "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let
it be to me according to your word" (
Luke. 1:38). God makes this
known to us by declaring to Mary and to all women, "
Blessed is
the fruit of thy womb
". If the Devil is to win then the woman must
take the tree of Life on herself as Eve did (
Genesis 3:5), and
implant this Copper-T IUCD (intra-uterine contraceptive device),
that allows her the Lust of Eyes, Lust of flesh and the Pride of Life.
The Copper-T would kill a fetus every month in her, and for one
year, twelve will die and for the 12 year span of the use of one
Copper-T, 144 will die. In the 160 million women with implanted
Copper-T, 24 billion deaths occur in 12 years of use. These
deaths along with others from abortions and other forms of
contraception, was what moved our Lord Jesus to come to Earth
to take the situation of the Unborn in His Passion -
The Passion of
Christ is the Passion of the Unborn
, that is the essence of the
stations of the Cross. The crucifixion at Calvary is a dramatization
of the real 'Calvary of Womb' with Copper-T.    READ the DRAMA
DIVINA and live it.

Abortion and Contraception and the Original Sin
The Fall of Man and Woman was when the Eternal question of
Choice was put forth by the Devil, ...
"You will not die but God
knows that the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will
be like gods, knowing good and evil"..
. Genesis 3:5  Because Man
and Woman chose Death from abortions and contraception, God
kept eternal life from us ...
"Man has now become like one of us,
making himself judge of good and evil. Let him not stretch out his
hand to take and eat from the tree of life as well, and live forever."

Genesis 3:22
. It is in repair of the fall of man and woman, that a
New Covenant had to be made.

The Divine Plan - Jesus brings Good News to the Unborn
Mary of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard  
Mary greeting, the baby leaped in her womb. Elizabeth was lifted
with the Holy Spirit, and giving a loud cry, said, "You are most
blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of you womb!
How is it that the mother of my Lord comes to me? The moment
your greetings sounded  in my ears, the baby within me suddenly
leaped for joy.
. Blessed are you who believed that the Lord's word
would come true!

The Unborn Were the First Martyrs
The unborn were killed when Herod searched for Jesus. He gave
orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its neighborhood who
were two years old
. Matthew 2:16.

The Unspoken Ministry of the Unborn Child
"Even before I formed you in the womb I have known you; even
before you were born I had set you apart, and appointed you a
prophet to the nations!"
Jeremiah 1:4-5. Adults viewed Christ's
coming with skepticism and outright rebellion, the Unborn greeted
Him with joy, for their Messiah has come. Imagine the number of
aborted babies around the World. Also imagine the number of
those killed by contraception and the near 24 billion killed with
Copper-T every 12 years. The multitude of souls all reside with
God in His alter.
When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the
altar the spirits of those who proclaimed the word of God and
were slain for its sake. They began to cry aloud, "Holy and
righteous Lord, how long will it be before you render justice and
avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?" Then each one
of them was given a white garment, and they were told to wait a
little while, until the number of their brothers and sisters and
fellow servants who would be killed as they had been would be
Revelation 6:9-11. We further learn from Christ, that
this refers to children and the Unborn:  
Whosoever, becomes
lowly like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, and
whosoever receives such a child in my name receives me.

Matthew 18:4-5
. "See that you do not despise any of these little
ones, for I tell you: their angles in heaven continually see the face
of my heavenly Father
." Matthew 18:10.

Abortion is not a Right
Modern day 'democracy and civilization' that pronounces
contraception and abortion as rights, is an anathema for the
People of God. Even the performance of one abortion and use of
one contraceptive pill/Copper-T implant anywhere in the World,
must be fought against. What then remains for us, is to live a life
of abstinence and chastity, the bedrock of our Christian and
Islamic  social teachings. It is by this, we shall receive the gifts of
the Holy Spirit:
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-
control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to
Christ  Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions,
and desires.
Galatians 5:22-24.

The Last Supper - The Betrayal
Jesus begins the Last Supper by warning all of us, that even His
chosen and anointed followers in His Church, would betray Him
in the fight for the Unborn. The clergy involved in the betrayal of the
cause of the Unborn represented by Judas Iscariot were warned
that, it would be better not to have been born.
"Truly I say to you
one of you will betray me."
Matthew 26:21. "For that One who
betrays the Son of Man; better for him not to have been born."

Matthew 26:24
. Jesus eludes further that, the persons are those
Priests and Pastors who celebrate the Liturgy with Him, but do not
care or are lukewarm  to the cause of the Unborn.
 "He who will
betray me is one of those who dips his bread in the dish with
 Matthew 26:23. Just like Jesus spoke to Peter and his
successors - the bishops of His church, Jesus in Drama Divina
uses Judas Iscariot to represent priests, pastors and bishops
who betray the cause of the Unborn. They may care for the Church
funds to build Cathedrals and Churches but on issues of abortion
and contraception, they will never preach strongly about it, for fear
of alienating parishioners who contribute to the treasury of the
Church. They open themselves to be used by the Devil to
sabotage and blackmail the Church in sex scandals.
If any one should cause one of these little ones who believe in
me to stumble and fall, it would be better for you to be thrown into
the depths of the sea with a great millstone around your neck.
Woe to the world because of so many scandals! Scandals
necessarily come, but woe to the one who has brought it about."

Matthew 18:6-7
. In this passage Jesus predicts the scandals that
will occur in the Church, especially the sex scandal, that has
become the cornerstone of the Devil's strategy to neutralize the
Church on issues of morals.  The attitude we MUST take is to
exclude these abusers  from the fold of the Church.
When the
apostles met after Jesus ascended to heaven they determined
who would replace Judas by casting lots:  
"Then they cast lots,
and the lot fell to Matthias; so he was added to the eleven
Acts 1:26. The priests should not be reassigned or
sent to other parishes, we MUST replace them. They MUST be
excommunicated. This should not be for priests alone. All
persons including politicians and social activists, who advocate
abortions and contraception MUST be excommunicated. The aim
is to render the Sanctuary Holy again in most Churches, and
devoid of 'blood' of the Unborn. This will return the Church to its
apostolic beginnings.  We must go back to the apostolic times,
when the few made the greatest difference.
We must take
consolation in that, of the twelve, only
Judas Iscariot left to go
where he belongs..
Acts 1:25. Only a tiny minority of the ordained
priests will choose to go where they belong.

Essence of the Passion
‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that
everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life’

John 3:16
We all were the Unborn from the moment of conception to our
birth. The Passion is for us all, at the most vulnerable time of our
life. Christ eludes to his mission and the mission of the church as
our survival, as the Unborn.
"I came that they might have life, and
might have it abundantly"
John 10:10. It is this abundant Life
without abortion and contraception that will remove sickness, pain
and death. For the wages of sin is death..
Romans 6:23.
He took over the ordeal of the Unborn and showed to the World in
Drama Divina, the cruelty to the Unborn. He charges us his
followers, to remember this in the Liturgy of the Eucharist at Holy
Mass celebration each day.
 "This is my body which is given for
you, do this in remembrance of me."
Luke 22:19.  "This cup is the
New Covenant sealed in my blood which is poured out for you."

Luke 22:20
. Christ proclaims that  "This is My blood poured  out
for many"
Matthew 26:28. The many refers to the  Unborn, who are
offered in sacrifice to the god of passion.  He wants us to
exchange His own blood for the blood of the Unborn. Jesus
invites us to join Him in celebrating the Liturgy of the Eucharist  in
the Holy Mass to pray for forgiveness of our sins against the
Unborn. The Liturgy of the Eucharist assumes its full meaning
only in the contest of the sacrifice for the atonement of sins
against the Unborn. In other words, our sacrifice of the Holy Mass
is only acceptable  to God, if we proclaim it, in the spirit of anti-
abortion and anti-contraception campaign in our preceding Liturgy
of the Word. The Eucharist, if not received in the spirit of
repentance from abortions and contraception, but in the disguise
of conspiracy against Christ's mission to save the Unborn, will
become a mandate to invade our souls with Evil.
As soon as
Judas took the bread, Satan entered him.
John 13:27. The
proclamation against abortion and contraception during the Holy
Mass must not be in passing, but must be
direct, and should
evoke repentance and spur resolve to fight against abortion and
contraception. "
'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and
with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and
greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your
neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on
these two commandments."
Mathew 22:37-40.
It is the central message of LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR
NEIGHBOUR (UNBORN) as yourself.  The sacrifice of the Unborn
in search of Christ continues to this Day, as Federal and State
governments around the World played in Drama Divina by Herod's
and Pilate's governments, enact laws to authorize the killing of the
Unborn (abortions), and the people clamour Crucify Him! Crucify!
Him as they do today CHOICE! CHOICE! Abortion! Abortion!  The
democrazy has been mistaken for democracy. Poverty, lack,
sickness, and disasters are the plight of the people, as heavenly
protection eludes them and Satan unleashes his wrath upon

More Abortions More Poverty
"For you always have the poor with you." Matthew 26:10-11. As a
result of wickedness. However, the poor in spirit are those who
identify with the Unborn.
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of
Matthew 5:3.
And he answered them, "Go and tell John what you have seen
and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are
cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor
have good news preached to them.
Luke 7:22.
And blessed is he who takes no offense at me."  
Luke 7:23.

Jesus uses the poor in the context of those who are helpless, by
this he meant the Unborn, the sick and those who by no act of
their own become poor, especially children and others in a
physical state of desperation caused by mishap. However, this
category excludes those who become poor, as the consequence
of their actions - Sin. The latter category refers to the majority of
people in our society today.
The lack of abundance is the
abundance of sin
.  This is true in most of what we call the poor
nations of the World. Either by design of their own making or as a
retribution for sins against the Unborn, societies of the Southern
hemisphere suffer from exploitation by those of the Northern
hemisphere, creating the North-South divide of our World.
Then the heavens and the earth and all that is in them Shall sing
joyously over Babylon;
For the plunderers shall come to her from the north,” says the
As Babylon has caused the slain of Israel to fall,
So at Babylon the slain of all the earth shall fall.
Jeremiah 51:48.
In this passage God refers to the Unborn as His chosen people -
Israel used here by Prophet Jeremiah symbolically, and Babylon
as our secularized atheistic societies today. In poorer countries,
traditional practices share elements of the present pro-abortion
societies. He shows how exploitation by the north would bring
about poverty in the southern hemisphere as a result of the
crimes of the southern nations against the Unborn. We will show
that the rate of abortions and contraceptions is higher in the
nations of the south compared to the northern more prosperous
countries. However, this disparity, opponents will like to explain
away by education and other factors. However, we can show the
relationship between abortion and poverty  within Europe, where
what differs significantly, are social orders between atheistic
former communist Eastern Europe and the more religious
Western Europe going back the last fifty years. Abortions which is
very high in Eastern Europe was linked to poverty, compared to
higher income societies of Western Europe.  
The abortion percent rate correlates inversely with the per capita
income of nations. We demonstrate that the per capita income of
26 European nations correlate inversely with their abortion rate F
(1,24) = 33.1, p < 0.00001, R=0.76 R squared = 0.58 adjusted R
squared = 0.56. Table 1 and Graph 1. shows the relationship
between Per capita income in Europe and Legal Abortion
(percent) rate.

Table 1.

Source: World Bank and Percentage of Pregnancies aborted was
compiled by W. R. Johnston 2007.  

Graph 1.

As shown in Graph 1. from the European experience, the best
measure to eradicate poverty is  to stop abortions and use of
contraception. More importantly in poverty alleviation,  is to
eradicate the conditions that support a 'culture of death'. The
intercept of the graph $51,758,  is the per capita income that
would be earned, if there were no abortions in Europe.
Neighborhoods in countries with per capita income above
$50,000, without abortions, enjoy relative peace and security
anywhere in Europe, America or Japan. Such neighborhoods do
not usually have alcoholism, prostitution, drugs, violence and
crimes. One can find them in the Bible Belts of the United States,
Austria, Middle East and Ireland as well as Japan.

Jesus Declares A New Pro-Life World As the True Purpose of
"Father the hour has come; give glory to your Son, that the Son
may give glory to you. You have given him power over all mortals,
and you want him to bring
eternal life to all you have entrusted to
him. For this is eternal life; to know you, the only true God, and the
One you sent, Jesus Christ. I have glorified you on earth and
finished the work that you gave me to do. Now, Father, give me in
your presence the same Glory I had with you before the world
began. John 17:1.
Jesus tells us that his mission is a pro-life
mission that will bring life to all mortals on earth and lead them to
eternal life to worship the one true God. He reveals to us that, a
World without abortions will yield eternal Life for all. The work of
Christ finished on earth, was to bring to an end the Drama Divina -
The Passion as the passion of the Unborn.   

Peter's Confession
Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living
Matthew 16:16. The key of Peter's confession is that Jesus
is Son of the Living God, that is the God of Life. It is the Sanctity of
Life of mortals that has been given to our Lord Jesus to eternity.
The mission of Christ is to protect this truth of Life
. much
more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered
Himself without blemish to God, cleanse your conscience from
dead works to serve the living God?
Hebrews 9:14. It is the
proclamation of this truth of Life that Jesus affirms, is the primary
mission of His Church. ...
I write so that you will know how one
ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the
church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth. 1
Timothy 3:15. Jesus Himself charges Peter as the Vicar of Christ,
to defend this truth of the Sanctity of Life. It is on this truth of the
Sanctity of Life  that the foundation of the church  rests,  and it  
shall never be overshadowed by lies of pro-abortion advocates.

"And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will
build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Matthew 16:18.
On this issue of the Sanctity of Life as the
foundation of the Church, Christ allows the Church to make the
moral judgement on what is right or wrong. "I will give you the keys
of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be
bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed
in heaven."
Matthew 16:19. The Successors of Peter - the Popes
have filled this role to this day. "Abortion is a crime of aggression
not only against the unborn, but also against society," Pope
Benedict XVI. The strength of the Church to speak on matters of
Morals and Religion derive from unwavering support for Life and
opposition to a 'culture of death'. The Church of Christ is built on
the foundation that rests on the rock of Sanctity of Life.

Peter's Denial
"This man also was with him!" But he denied it, saying, "Woman I
do not know him." A little later someone who saw him said, "You
are also one of them!" Peter replied, "My friend, I am not!" After
about an hour another asserted, "Surely this man was with him,
for he is a Galilean." Again Peter denied, "My friend, I don't know
what you are talking about."
He had not finished saying this when
a cock crowed. The Lord turned around and looked at Peter and
he remembered the word that the Lord had spoken.
"Before the
cock crows today you will have denied me three times. "Peter went
outside, weeping bitterly
. Luke 22:56-62. Peter and his
successors for 200 years were to be crucified head down, to
identify with the Lord and the Unborn, who is crucified head-down
in the process of extraction during partial birth abortion.
As we all
are born alive head up, the murdered Unborn is extracted head
 The Popes show striking solidarity with the Unborn to this
day. However, Peter's denial was placed in the Passion of Christ
to remind all of us that, we will deny the Unborn when we refuse to
act, speak, preach, teach and help to avert abortion and
contraception. We have seen Christ as the Unborn being crucified
but have denied Him.  

Jesus Before Pilate - The Government and Abortion
In this part of the Drama Divina, God shows us the clear interplay
and tussle between State and Federal governments represented
by Pilate and Herod. Both governments do not want to take
responsibility for legislating on abortion on their own. Leaders of
these governments like Pilate and Herod try to distance
themselves and push the responsibility to the people. The people
in order to satisfy their lust agree with leaders of society, both
secular and religious, to call for government action on abortion
and contraception. Herod by scourging Jesus, Pilate by seeking to
release Him under the disguise  of prisoner-release, try to use
diversionary tactics but failed. The State government bows to the
pressure of the loud minority  to pass laws to liberalize abortion
and contraception on demand.

Significance of the Stage for Drama Divina - The Passion
The soldiers took him inside the courtyard known as the
praetorium and called the rest of their companions. They clothed
him in a purple cloak and twisting a crown of thorns they forced it
onto his head. Then they began saluting him.
"Long life to the
King of the Jews!" With a stick they gave him blows on the head
and spat on him; then they knelt down pretending to worship him.
Mark 15:16-19. In this section of the Drama Divina, Jesus shows
us the preparation by abortionist for the procedure of partial birth
abortion. The praetorium even though means the Roman army
headquarters, it also means small collapsible military tents that
were used for abortion around the World, until recently when they
became empowered by law to build clinics. The concept of an
abortion clinic still remains in most parts of the World that of a
praetorium, ready to fold at a moments notice and transfer to
continue the death business somewhere else. The thorns on the
head of Jesus are the thorns of partial birth abortion on the
clamps of Alice forceps used in partial birth abortion. The blows
on the head are done to the Unborn in the process of turning from
head presentation to breech (leg) presentation. The kneeling
down pretending to worship him" is the position taken by
abortionists during partial birth abortion, to have better access in
the killing process.   

Partial Birth Abortion Procedure
According to the American Medical Association, the partial birth
abortion  procedure has four main elements.
First, the cervix is dilated.
Second, the fetus is positioned for a footling breech.
Third, the fetus is extracted except for the head.
Fourth, brain of the fetus is evacuated so that a dead but
otherwise intact fetus is delivered via the vagina.
Usually, preliminary procedures are performed over a period of
two to three days, to gradually dilate the cervix using laminaria
tents (sticks of seaweed which absorb fluid and swell).
Sometimes drugs such as synthetic pitocin are used to induce
labor. Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the doctor uses an
ultrasound and forceps to grasp the fetus' leg. The fetus is turned
to a breech position, if necessary, and the doctor pulls one or both
legs (
breaking it) out of the birth canal, causing what is referred to
by some people as the 'partial birth' of the fetus. The doctor
subsequently extracts the rest of the fetus, usually without the aid
of forceps, leaving only the head still inside the birth canal. An
incision is made at the base of the skull, scissors are inserted
into the incision and opened to widen the opening, and then a
suction catheter is inserted into the opening. The brain is
suctioned out, which causes the skull to collapse and allows the
fetus to pass more easily through the birth canal. The placenta is
removed and the uterine wall is vacuum aspirated using a suction

Interpretation of the steps
The thorns represent the clamp ends of Alice forceps which are
sharp and painful. Blows are given to the fetus on the head to turn
him/her to present with the legs. This is a very painful turning
process that mimics the strokes given to Jesus. Usually, this is
accomplished using a type of clothing material to pad the
abdomen of the mother, here presented in the Drama Divina as
the purple garment, to underscore that the material used is purple
to camouflage the blood stains that come from breaking of the
body part of the fetus in the turning process. The rest of the steps
would be illustrated as the Stations of the Cross.

Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross for Jesus Luke 23:26.
As Pro-Life Activists Speak for the Unborn
In this part of Drama Divina God shows us that we Pro-Life
activists would be seized by events in our lives  that will provoke
us to work for the Unborn.

Jesus Speaks to the Women
In this part of Drama Divina Jesus talks to the women - "Women
of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, weep rather for yourselves and
for your children. For the days are coming when people will say:
"Happy are the women without child! Happy are those who have
not given birth or nursed a child! And they will say to the
mountains: Fall on us! and to the hills: Cover us! For if this is the
lot of the green wood, what will happen to the dry?"
Luke 23:28-31.
Jesus speaks to the women, and explains that, the Passion was
meant for them, to see what happens to the  Unborn when they
undertake abortions and contraceptions. He warns them that the  
health problems caused by abortions and contraceptive use,
would impose a great burden of disease on the  woman's health,
especially those that have attempted abortions and contraception,
including diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer,
ovarian cancer, heart disease and others. This would happen to
women at reproductive age (green) as well as those in
menopause (dry).

The Cross
The Cross of Christ is the salvationary cross that redeems from
the cross of  death of the unborn which is the present day
intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD)  - Copper-T. The Cross of
Our Lord Jesus was raised to cure us from the  cross of Death
IUCD copper-T. God prophetically shows us the prelude to this
using similar imagery    
       ... "Make a fiery serpent and set on a
stick, whoever has been bitten and looks up at it shall live."   
Numbers 21:8
... "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son
of Man be lifted up, so that whoever believes in Him may have
eternal life." John 3:14

The Two Thieves Crucified with Jesus - Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Along with Jesus, two criminals also were led out to be executed.
There at the place called The Skull He was crucified together with
the criminals - one on His right and another on His left. Luke 23:
In this part of Drama Divina God gives us a choice of who we may
want to be from the two criminals crucified on T-shaped crosses
that look exactly like Copper-T. The criminal on the right
acknowledges his sinfulness and makes amend to fight for the
cause of the Unborn in solidarity with Christ, bringing to fulfilment
the Mystery of the Passion. However, the other like many  today,
reject the cause of the unborn and chose to mock the Mystery of
the Passion. The governments make mockery of the measures of
natural family planning, abstinence and chastity, but rather provide
for contraception and abortion as the means for population control
..As for the rulers they jeered at Him, saying to one
another, "let the man who saved others now save himself, for he
is the Messiah, the chosen one of God!" Luke 23:35.
The soldiers also mocked Him, and when they drew near to offer
him bitter wine, they said, "So you are the King of the Jews? Free
yourself!" For above Him was an inscription which read, "This is
the King of the Jews."  Luke 23:36-38.
The soldiers played the role of abortionists, who make mockery of
natural family planning, abstinence and chastity, but rather offer
medicines which are fetocides (represented by wine mixed with
gall) to bring to an end, the life of the Unborn, of whom it was said
will be the light of the family.

The Trilogy
The Trilogy shows Christ crucified in place of the Unborn and the
salvation offered to us all, as the criminal on the right, who
identified with Him, on the cause of the Unborn. This salvationary
essence of the Cross of Christ is denied to everyone who mocks
the cause  of the Unborn or is indifferent, like the criminal on the
left. Our legs are broken by Sin, preventing us to walk in Re-union
with God. The legs of the Unborn must be broken in the process
of partial-birth abortion for extraction.  This laming comes with the
sin of passion, called our Original Sin. The Parallelism of the
Cross of Christ and the two thieves with copper-T is seen in form
and contra-essence.
This is the full essence of the Trilogy.

The Rosary, Copper-T and The Pill
Parallelism of the Rosary and copper-T with contraceptive pills in
form and contra-essence. The whole Rosary counters the effect of
copper-T that kills twelve fetuses a year. While each bead of the
Rosary counters each contraceptive pill. Completion of the
prayers of the Rosary would destroy the effect of one copper-T and
59 contraceptive pills (for 2 months) somewhere in the World. At
any given time the Rosary saves (59 from 2 packs of pills + 144
from Copper-T) 203 lives around the World. This is why Our Lady
The Blessed Mother urges us to pray the Rosary everyday. Every
Pope and the Church Magisterium have insisted on prayer of the
Rosary daily. The pronouncement of "Blessed is the Fruit of thy
womb" destroys one pill's effect an liberates an Unborn from
death. In return we get our prayers answered.  

The Rosary                                                    Copper-T and Pills

The Judgement
One of the criminals hanging with Jesus insulted him, "So you are
the Messiah? Save yourself and us as well!" But the other rebuked
him saying, "Have you no fear of God, you who received the same
sentence as  he did? For us it was just: this is payment for what
we have done. But this man has done nothing wrong." And he
said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
Jesus replied, "Truly, you will be with me today in paradise." Luke
. In the above, from the Drama Divina, we see two people
who represent the Pro-Life activist on the right of Jesus and the
Pro-choice activist on the left of Jesus. The Pro-choice activist
elevates himself or herself to the position of God, and rejects
God's Supremacy over humans to make decision on Procreation.
He/she does not accept responsibility for the unborn but
reasserts his/her selfish interest to be 'free' to make a CHOICE.
The Pro-Life activist restates the Supremacy of God, and
acknowledges Divine providence and innocence of the unborn,
showing humility before God in His decision over Life and Death.
He/she surrenders his/her faith to Christ Jesus, begging for
pardon. Jesus pronounced judgement on both criminals,
welcoming the Pro-Life activist into His Kingdom, who in solidarity
and atonement for past sins fights for the cause of the unborn.

Abortion and Contraception the Cause of Human and Natural
Disasters including Climate Change and ineffectiveness of
In this Drama Divina, God shows us that the direct result of death
of the unborn are natural disasters.  
It was now about noon. The
sun was hidden and darkness came over the whole land until
mid-after-noon; and at that time the curtain of the Sanctuary was
torn into two. Then Jesus gave a loud cry, "Father, into your hands
I commend my spirit." And saying that, he gave up his spirit
. Luke
. God underscores that the Holiness of the Sanctuary
has been desecrated by abortion and contraception, allowing the
Devil to get into  the Sanctuary, as the Divine protection was lifted.
Any Church altar where anti-abortion and anti-contraception
messages are not strongly proclaimed, will be devoid of God's
presence. We will face climate change, earthquake and floods as
a result of our actions against the unborn
. "...the earth quaked,
rocks were split"
Matthew 27:51. The climate change and abortion
debates are linked, and the principal actors run along this divide.
The Pro-choice say more abortions and contraceptions for
population control and reduction of  'carbon footprint' per person,
while Pro-Life activists say, "curb the evils of consumerism and
greed, you will reduce green house gas emissions." In other
words, follow the Catholic or Islamic Social Teachings of
Obedience to God, Poverty of Spirit, and Chastity.
"Fallen! Fallen is
Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the
maddening wine of her adulteries"
Rev 14:8.

The Legs of the Criminals were broken but Jesus was pierced -
Critical Simulations of Partial Birth Abortion
The soldiers came and broke the legs of the first man and of the
... John 19:32. In the process of partial birth abortion the fetus
is painfully rotated and placed in a leg presentation to have
access to break the legs in the pulling process called extraction.

When they came to Jesus, they saw that he was already dead; so
they did not break his legs. One of the soldiers, however,  pierced
his side with a lance and immediately there came out blood and
water. John 19:33-34
. At this critical point in partial birth abortion,
the side of the fetus is pierced to prevent air from inflating the
lungs and increasing the body size, to allow easy extraction.
Additionally a lance could be used to pierce the brain from the
occiput, so as to further decompress the head region for
extraction. Blood of the unborn and water from the cerebrospinal
fluid run out and is the source of spiritual impurity of the waters of
the World.
A second angel sounded his trumpet, and something
like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third
of the sea turned into blood,..
" Rev 8:8. The huge mountain of
flesh of billions of the Unborn, killed in abortions and
contraceptions have been washed into the sea through the
drainage systems, that have turned a third of our waters of the
World into blood. The blood and water that runs from Christ
sanctify the waters of the World. The Drama Divina was setup at
Calvary, said to be the origin of the waters of the World and the
source of life. The Calvary of the woman's womb similarly, is the
origin of all the blood to the organs of the fetus and serves as the
source of his/her life.

Joseph of Arimathea asks for Jesus' Body - The lawmaker and
the Passion
In this final part of the Drama Divina, God shows what good
lawmakers do on-behalf of the unborn.
"Then intervened a
member of the Jewish supreme council, a good and righteous
man named Joseph of Arimathea. He had not agreed with the
decision and action of his fellow members, for he lived uprightly in
the hope of seeing the kingdom of God. He went to Pilate and
asked for Jesus' body. He took it down, wrapped it in a linen cloth
and laid it in a yet unused tomb cut out of a rock."
Luke 23:50-53.  
Nicodemus, the man who earlier had come to Jesus by night,
also came and brought a jar of myrrh mixed with aloes, about a
hundred pounds. They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in
linen cloths with the spices, following the burial custom of the
John 19:39-40. God uses the two characters of Joseph of
Arimathea and Nicodemus to illustrate the role of the lawmakers.
Lawmakers must be  steadfast in opposition against abortion and
contraception and even when they loose the battle, we must seek
to bring honor and dignity to the unborn, referring to them as
persons who deserve equal treatment under the law.

The Rosary and Restoration of Fertility
Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister
Mary, who was the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdala. "When
Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing
near, he said to his mother, 'Woman, behold, your son!'. Then he
said to the disciple, 'Behold, your mother!’"
John 19:25-27.
In this final part of the Drama Divina, Jesus prescribed the Rosary
for all  His followers represented by John. He refers to Mary as
woman and mother.  Jesus draws His keywords from the prayer:

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

The keywords Woman and Mother emphasized by Jesus was to
show that the essence of creation of the woman is motherhood, in
which God found fulfillment in Mary.
It also provides us clues to what will be the grand finale of God's
creative plan, the restoration of a woman's fertility as was
originally intended, which John writes:
Then he showed me the river of life, clear as crystal, gushing from
the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of the city, on
both sides of the river are the trees of life producing fruit twelve
times, once each month, the leaves of which are for healing the
. Revelations 22:1-2.
In this passage we see that the twelve ovulations, once each
month is the fertility restored for the nations who have used
abortions and contraceptions to spill so much blood that polluted
the waters of the earth.
When the second angel blew his trumpet, something like a great
mountain was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea was
turned into blood.
Revelation 8:8. The mountain of bodies of the
Unborn is what turns a third of the World oceans into blood, to
show the enormity of abortions and contraceptions.

Rosary As the Anti-dote to Abortions
Tradition has it that the Blessed Mother herself asked for the
practice as an antidote for heresy and sin. The Rosary has two
forms of beads, one bigger bead for Our Father, the others for Hail
Mary. The spaces for ejaculatory prayers and the Cross for I
believe in God. In sum, one could say that, in the Rosary we affirm
God Almighty as the custodian of fertility, and by reciting "Blessed
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus," we cancel the effect of each dose
of the pill active in any woman anywhere. When we complete a
whole Rosary we cancel the effect of one copper-T.  The
mysteries of the Rosary remind us of God's Divine Control of
Fertility - The Joyful Mysteries is our welcome into God's Plan  -
The Mysteries of Light is our Solidarity with Christ in his Passion
for the Unborn, The Sorrowful Mysteries is our victory with Christ
over death and The Glorious Mysteries is our welcome into
Eternal Life in Heaven.  

The Forms of Contraception
The contraceptive pill has two forms, one tablet containing  0.3 mg
norgestrel and 0.03 mg of estradiol; and the other 75 mg of
ferrous fumarate.  The copper-T contains a loop of copper wire on
a T-shaped stand that mimics the cross used for the two thieves.
Copper is the cheapest metal on earth and is used to poison the
most precious of God's creation.

The Copper-T and The Bronze on the tree by Moses
The copper is coiled like a serpent on the tree of Copper-T, as
Bronze (or Gold) was put up by Moses on the tree to save the
children of Israel. This striking Parallelism shows that, the
Chosen People of God would be saved with the most precious
metal on Earth, while copper the cheapest metal on earth will be
used to kill the Unborn by the Evil ones.

Stations of the Cross
Pope John Paul II created a version in which all of the Stations
were taken from Scripture. In this version, the Stations are: (1) The
Agony in the Garden; (2) Jesus' betrayal and arrest; (3) He is
condemned by the Sanhedrin; (4) Denied by Peter; (5)
Condemned to death by Pilate; (6) Scourged and crowned with
thorns; (7) He is made to carry his cross; (8) Simon of Cyrene
helps Jesus; (9) Jesus meets with the women of Jerusalem; (10)
He is crucified; (11) He promises paradise to the thief; (12) He
speaks to John and Mary; (13) He dies; (14) He is laid in the tomb.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI approved this set of Stations for
meditation: (1) Jesus in the Garden of Olives, (2) Jesus is
betrayed by Judas and arrested, (3) Jesus is condemned by the
Sanhedrin, (4) Jesus is denied by Peter, (5) Jesus is judged by
Pilate, (6) Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns, (7) Jesus
takes up his cross, (8) Jesus is helped by the Cyrenean to carry
his cross, (9) Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem, (10) Jesus
is crucified, (11) Jesus promises his kingdom to the good thief,
(12) Jesus and his mother and disciple, (13) Jesus dies on the
cross, (14) Jesus is laid in the tomb. It is a set noticeably a mix
between the traditional set and the alternate set.

Parallelism of the Stations of the Cross and Partial Birth
The Parallelism of Drama Divina - The Passion is evident at every
station of the Cross. The version used by other Christians are
also paralleled as those used by Catholics.

AAAC Letter to Catholic Bishops in Africa

                                                           7th  December, 2007
Most Revd.

His Lordship,
It is with great pleasure that the African Anti-Abortion Coalition
(AAAC) is writing to update you, on the programme for Anti-
Abortion 2008 campaign in Africa. In this year, new moves have
been made to domesticate the MAPUTO PROTOCOL, and the
Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against
Women (CEDAW). Both international conventions were
deceptively designed to legalize abortions in Nigeria. We have
acted to stop these efforts, by providing facts and figures on the
major issues to World Leaders, the legislature and judiciary. We
are of the humble opinion that, our Bishops should apply
preemptive pressure on members of all State Houses of
Assembly, to prevent any attempt to amend the relevant sections
of the Nigerian constitution that will actualize the domestication of

It is paramount that we involve the entire laity, and bring them to
full awareness of the current frontier of the battle between God
and the Devil in our country. This is the rationale for the
introduction of the February 14th Millions Peoples’ March Against
Abortion across Africa, first held in 2007 and planned for 2008.
The 14th of February was instituted by Pope Gelacius in 496 A.D.
to replace the pagan celebrations Lupercalia (Festival of Sexual
License) and Juno Februata - the goddess of febris (“fever”) of
love, and of women and marriage; now dedicated to three Pro-Life
martyrs called St Valentine, including one that died in Africa. It is a
rally for Pro-Life and Pro-Family values.  This has received
heavenly endorsement by many Church approved apparitions of
Our Blessed Mother in February including the 14th, with the
message “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb” recited in the Rosary,
and supportive of the Catholic Social teaching of Chastity.

The Nigerian society has reverted to the pagan culture of ‘sexual
immorality’ for money, where in schools, sex is traded for ‘pass’,
in banks and other workplaces, sex is traded for money and
position, with the recursive consequence of poverty and
deprivation. We hope you will encourage the Catholic Women
Organization, Catholic Youth organizations, Knights of the Church,
and others to participate.  We have enclosed a poster and
brochure designed to assist them make their own. The prayer of
the Rosary will counter the effect of all contraceptive pills – a
rosary bead for every pill, and the Cross to overcome the killing
effect of copper-T intrauterine device (IUCD). The IUCD is the
Cross of the Unborn, used to kill a child every month, in every
woman with so-called ‘family planning’, and 144 children in 12
years of the life of the IUCD. Worldwide, 24 billion children will die
in 12 years in 160 million women using IUCD. Our goal in this
end times, is to restore the virginity and fertility of the women of the
nations (Rev 22:2), by promoting a ‘culture of life’ with waters of
life (Rev 22.1), rather than today’s ‘culture of death’ in rivers of
blood (Rev 16:4) from abortions and contraception.  

We want this message to get to the entire Church. We have in the
brochure, the international “the prayer to end abortion” by the
Priests for Life, that could be adapted in vernacular for recitation at
the end of Mass.

We thank you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully,

    Prince Dr Philip Njemanze MD
Chairman African Anti-Abortion Coalition.                                 

AAAC Letter to Members of the Senate House Nigeria National

                                       21st August, 2007

Honourable Senator

Dear Hon. Senator,
Action Plan on Letter to G8 Leaders
The African Anti-abortion Coalition (AAAC) wishes to inform you
about our activities in support of Life in Africa. We have enclosed a
letter to the G8 heads of state, informing them of the consensus
meeting held in conjunction with U.S. House of Representative
Congressman Christopher Smith, on the Pro-Life stand of the
African people. This meeting involved representatives from all
major Pro-life organizations, in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan
African countries. The meeting was held at the Pan-African
University Lekki Lagos, on 23rd February 2007, and detailed the
issues raised in the enclosed letter. All Islamic and Christian
groups, as well as secular organizations agree on the stance
articulated in the letter to the G8 leaders and African heads of
state. We have also approached religious Christian and Islamic
leaders to intimate them about our stance and have obtained full
We are hopeful that you will offer your personal support to this
mission to Save the African Child, by proposing a bill of your own,
that will keep abortion banned in Nigeria. Furthermore, we hope
you will support our annual Millions’ People March Against
Abortion in Africa every February 14th, to highlight the problem of
abortion and the detrimental effects on our values as a People.
We are hopeful that this will become a National Day to Celebrate
Life, just as it is in the USA on February 22nd, and similar dates in
other countries. A bill to make this a National Day to Celebrate Life
in Nigeria would be timely and most appropriate, and would be
met by a great reward of Allah our God, to this Nation. This Day
would be marked by peaceful protests against abortion. Lectures
on ethics and morals, including those targeted at preventing
sexual harassment in institutions and the workplace could be
held across the country.
We hope that the legislative arm of our government, will take
urgent steps to protect the Nigerian people from this most
grievous assault on Life. We are requesting you revisit the issues
of the REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL particularly, the signing of
AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS 2007-2010 – Sections #3.3, #4.1-
Articles #14(1a,2c), #26. We hope that you will propose that
Nigeria will take exemptions to these sections in the signed
protocol. Moreover, there was no due process for ratification of
this protocol, which required prior constitutional amendments. On
this point, the cited articles of this protocol are in conflict with the
relevant sections of the Nigerian Constitution, and hence must be
null and void. You are the hope of the people, that the laws of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria will protect them, and not international
protocols our government was coerced into signing. We are
confident that your decisions will be patriotic and in the best
interest of the Nigerian People.  
We also hope that the Senate will come up with a strong
statement, to condemn international organizations that violate the
Nigerian constitution protecting the sanctity of Life. We
recommend the expulsion of pro-abortion advocates (IPPF, IPAS
and UNFPA) from Nigeria, for anti-constitutional activities. Their
actions specifically relate to the sell and spread of the illegal
manual vacuum aspirators (MVA) to quarks, for so-called ‘safe
abortion’, which has caused the spread of HIV in Nigeria.  The
MVA should be banned in Nigeria. Secondly, for the use of female
condoms that was not approved in the Western countries, only to
infect Nigerian women in an unethically conducted human clinical
trial. This will send a strong signal that, Nigerians were not
available as guinea pigs, for unethical trials.
We thank you for your attention to this problem and hope to count
on your support.

Yours truly,

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD       
Executive Chairman AAAC

A.        What is the relationship between HIV/AIDS prevalence and
modern contraceptive use in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Figure 1, shows a direct relationship between modern
contraceptive prevalence (for example, use of condoms) and
HIV/AIDS prevalence in 36 Sub-Saharan African countries, plotted
from table 1.

Could one say that, the promotion of condom use has actually
increased HIV rates in Africa, by encouraging young people to be
more promiscuous?
These assertions made in the past, are now supported by facts
from the current WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, and UNICEF data.          

Figure 1. shows the relationship between modern contraceptive
prevalence (%) and Proportion of adults (15-49) living with
HIV/AIDS (%) in 36 Sub-Saharan African countries.

The graph (Figure 1) suggests that, contraceptive use in Sub-
Saharan Africa should be kept below 4.7% (intercept), which is
that used by groups at most risk (prostitutes and their clients,
homosexuals, injection drug users etc), for HIV not to spread in
the general adult population. However, for a 50% rise in
contraceptive use in the population, HIV/AIDS prevalence will
increase by 35% (white arrow), given by:
Equation 1.
Contraceptive Prevalence (%) = 4.7353 + 1.2896 * HIV/AIDS
Prevalence (%).
HIV/AIDS prevalence    = 35%
Coefficient of correlation = 0.76, F(1,34) = 46.4, p < 0.0000001,
The intercept 4.7353 is significant p < 0.05.

       Could Africa lower Maternal Mortality Ratio by 50% (to
MMR=500)  using the current condom model?

Figure 2. shows the relationship between modern contraceptive
prevalence (%) and maternal mortality ratio (per 100,000) in 36
Sub-Saharan African countries.

Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) declined slightly, because of higher
contraceptive use, that is, lesser number of women became
pregnant, even though as we showed (from direct correlation of
contraceptive use and HIV/AIDS prevalence in Figure 1), they died
from HIV/AIDS, and deaths were discounted from MMR. In other
words, this is an ’illusive  gain’ in improved health of the African
woman, and a shift in statistical death count from MMR to deaths
due to HIV/AIDS.

The graph (Figure 2) suggests that, if there was no use of modern
contraceptives in Africa, maternal mortality would be about 1086.5
per 100,000. However, to achieve about 50% drop in MMR to
about 500 per 100,000 in Africa, modern contraceptive use
prevalence has to rise to 50% in countries, given the relationship:
Equation 2.
MMR         = 1086.5 – 11.726 * Contraceptive Prevalence (%)
For MMR of 500 = 50% modern contraceptive prevalence

To achieve a MMR reduction of about 50% to 500 per 100,000
using the condom model, African countries would need to
increase modern contraceptive prevalence to 50% (Figure 2, white
arrow), which will in turn increase HIV/AIDS prevalence by 35%
(Figure 1, white arrow).

We could decrease maternal mortality ratio by 50%  (MMR =
500) by raising the standard of living in Africa.

One way to reduce MMR by 50%, to an average of about 500 per
100,000, is to improve the standard of living of the people in Africa.
This would mean a rise in per capita income. Let us forecast what
rise in per capita income would be required, to attain a 50%
reduction in MMR.
Figure 3 shows the relationship between maternal mortality ratio
(MMR) and per capita income.
Equation 3.
MMR = 1072.9  - 0.16846 * PER CAPITA ($ USD).
For MMR of 500 = $ 3400.8

A rise in per capita income to USD ($) 3,400  would reduce MMR
to about 500 per 100,000 in Africa (Figure 3, curved white arrow).

 Caution!! – raised standard of living might increase
HIV/AIDS prevalence if Abstinence education is not promoted in

Figure 4 shows the relationship between per capita income and
HIV/AIDS prevalence.
Equation 4.
HIV/AIDS (%) = 4.9942  + 0.00309 * PER CAPITA INCOME (USD $).
Correlation: r = 0.5; F(1,34) = 12.5, p < 0.05
For PER CAPITA INCOME of $3400, HIV/AIDS prevalence = 15.5%

If Abstinence education is not promoted in Africa, but the condom
model left in place, raising the standard of living to a per capita
income of $3400, would give rise to HIV/AIDS prevalence of 15.5%
(Figure 4, white arrow).  

The link between HIV/AIDS prevalence and per capita income
shows that, with improving standard of living, in the current
condom model, more people will use their extra income to
purchase condoms and hence, there will be a surge in HIV/AIDS


A. Measures for HIV/AIDS Prevention
Simply, the condom model- for- all approach should be
abolished. The facts may support a condom use in target
population of people living with HIV/AIDS, and groups at risk
including prostitutes, IV drug users, homosexuals and others,
found to have very high prevalence rates. Even in these groups,
effort should be made for conversion using faith-based approach,
and the Abstinence message emphasized, but the use of
condoms may be an option, while they make their journey of faith.
The cornerstone for HIV/AIDS prevention in the youth should be
the Abstinence-only education, and Be-faithful messages in the
adult population. The case study of Uganda showed that, the HIV
prevalence fell from a high of 30.2% in 1992 to 4.2% in 2000
[Kirungi et al 2002]. Close analysis of the trend shows that, the
HIV/AIDS prevalence began to fall in the late 1980s (when
condom use was only about 5%) and 1990s, [Mbulaiteye, et al
2002; STD/AIDS Control Programme, Ministry of Health, 2003],
several years before condoms were available in large numbers.
However, with availability of condoms in large numbers, the drop
in HIV prevalence has stalled, and even increased in 2006.
Okware et al concluded that, this means that “much of the credit
for turning the tide must go to the ‘home grown’, community
derived solutions to the problems: A – abstinence and B – be
faithful [Green, 2003; Hogle, 2002; Population, Health and
Nutrition Information Project, 2002]. We have demonstrated based
on continental analyses, using data from WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA,
and UNAIDS that, countries using the condom model have
increased HIV prevalence.

B. Dismantling Aid Programs Based on Contraception for
Reduction of Maternal Mortality from Any Cause

Most international aid agencies proffer reduction of maternal
mortality, as the reason for support of contraceptive use. As we
have shown, promoting contraceptive use in Africa would only
result in more deaths from HIV/AIDS, even though these would be
discounted from the maternal mortality ratio, creating an illusive
‘gain’.  These international aid programs should be dismantled by
governments and replaced with programs that target improved
standard of living without the condom model approach.

C. Dismantling Aid Programs for so-called Safe Abortion option
that  spreads HIV/AIDS.

Some international agencies say that their aid package supports
the so called ‘safe abortion’ option, in order to reduce maternal
mortality from unsafe abortions in Africa.  
Indeed, the effect of abortion in most part is long-term, causing
infertility, psychological problems, cancers and infections.
Therefore, it is sheer falsehood that abortion can be safe. Some
international agencies (eg. Ipas, Planned Parenthood and
others), sometimes refer as ‘safe’, the immediate effects of
abortion procedure, when Ipas manual vacuum aspirator (Ipas
MVA - Figure 6) is used. The use of the term ‘safe’ with Ipas MVA
shows that, these international organizations have very poor
knowledge of practical health care delivery in developing countries
especially in Africa. The Ipas MVA plus has become the easiest
way to spread HIV infection in Africa, in women of child-bearing
age, who have undergone MVA abortion procedure. The ease with
which MVAs are used, has made it possible for untrained
teenagers and university undergraduates in Africa, to use the MVA
device in room-to-room service, to perform MVA abortion
procedure on desperate girls in hostels. There is no pre-testing
for HIV, so infection is spread from person-to-person, in a
procedure with high reuse of gloves, syringes and materials. If the
aim of introducing the Ipas MVA was to reduce maternal mortality
from so-called unsafe abortions, what in practical terms could be
achieved is the quadrupling of the HIV infection rate in Africa.
Again we ask, what is the rationale for use of MVAs as a public
health measure, even for so-called ‘safe abortion’?

We had alleged earlier that, the aim of using the Ipas MVA plus is
to facilitate collection of fetal tissues for stem cell research and
transplantation, as the market for stem cell derived tissues is
projected grows into trillions of US dollars. Europe, America and
other industrialized countries have moved to prohibit use of
embryonic and fetal derived tissues, through several human
ethics protocols. Africa remains unrestricted and unregulated to
biotechnology companies, who are financing pro-abortion groups
to spread the use of Ipas MVA plus.  The aim of the pro-abortion
movement in Africa is to create a depot, for sourcing stem cells for
Trans-Atlantic Stem Cell Tissue Trafficking.

D. Restructuring Foreign Aid to Africa:
Supplemental Aid based on Carbon Emission Business

Most people in Sub-Saharan Africa spend two thirds of time and
resources, in the quest for basic food, water, electricity and
transportation. The foreign aid and loan programs even at current
levels, if transparently used would go a long way to provide basic
needs like provision of portable water, electricity and
transportation. The restructuring of aid packages must go directly
to projects in developing countries in agriculture, water, electricity
and transportation. A new principle of direct allocation and
execution could be instituted. African governments, when they
accept the aid project, must allow donors the independence of
execution, according to agreed standards. Project execution must
be under joint parliamentary oversight in donor and recipient
countries, and violations prosecuted according to the laws in both
countries. Part of foreign aid could be a business exchange for
carbon emissions under the Kyoto protocol. Developed countries
of the North, may execute environmentally friendly projects in
Africa that cuts carbon emission, for example, building gas turbine
projects in Nigeria at no cost, and taking credits for the cut down
in carbon emissions from diesel generators. Similarly, provision
of solar panels to homes could reduce use of generators. The
provision of electrically powered trains, buses and bio-ethanol
from non-food by-products of cassava and palm could further
reduce carbon emissions. The totality of these effects is that, per
capita income would rise and give health and nutrition benefits
that will reduce maternal mortality ratio.

E. Job Creation and World Bank loan facility for African Women
A Valid Strategy for HIV Prevention

In Africa, 58% of people living with AIDS are women, and lack of
jobs is the one single factor that makes them most vulnerable.
While it is not true that contraception is a way to empower women,
it is true that, economic independence is the best approach to
enhance women’s health. Even in conditions when women are
well educated, their dependence on male bosses to provide jobs
for them makes them, vulnerable to sexual harassment and puts
them at risk for HIV infection [Krishnan et al. 2007]. It is known
that, for example, female workers in the organized private sector of
the banking industry in Africa could be subjected to sexual
harassment by customers endorsed by their supervisors, to meet
their financial targets. The solution to this problem is to provide
special loan schemes, for women to own independent
businesses in Africa. This may be as small as petty trading,
tailoring, to large scale manufacturing. These loan schemes
could be provided by World Bank, direct assistance to the people.
The World Bank should have loan partnerships with local banks
in Africa, whereby the World Bank provides the funding and the
controlling low interest rate. The applications and finance
administration would work through the local banks, not involving
local governments. The local bank can only charge a stipulated
fixed percent commission, for each loan provided. The system
would be keep transparent by financial auditors of both the World
Bank and federal governments. Similar programs for
apprenticeship training with low interest loans to employers, and
remuneration to participants could be done by World bank, USAID,
DFID, NORAD, Ford Foundation etc.

F. Dismantling the Failed Concept of Aid as an Instrument of
Population Growth Control

The failed concept that, foreign aid could be used to control
population growth in Africa should be dismantled from all donor
programs. This has led to a catastrophe for Africa in HIV/AIDS
prevalence. As we demonstrated here, the compliance with the
demand of donor nations to accept aid on the basis of wide
prevalence of contraceptive use, has only led to spread of
HIV/AIDS infection in Africa. These policies cannot be justified on
any basis. It should be noted while the policy of aid for population
control implies coercion, however, abstinence-education controls
population growth on a voluntary basis.

G. Averting the Social and Economic Consequence of Abortion

       More abortions, more poverty in Africa.

We can forecast that, if Africa was to attain the level of
contraceptive use and related abortion levels in Eastern Europe in
individual countries, more than 35% of the adult population, will
be infected with HIV/AIDS, and the entire Sub-Saharan Africa will
be dependent on foreign aid for daily survival at less than 50 cents
a day. All countries must have zero tolerance for conditions that,
lead to contraception and abortions. Here, faith-based
approaches should provide women counseling services, and
effort should be made to promote an open society, where
discussions are held on issues related to sexual violence. What
the secrecy of abortion and contraception does is to reinforce
taboos and perpetuate sexual violence. The position should be
clear that, society finds it offensive and must punish offenders,
protect and rehabilitate victims. Legalized abortion and
widespread contraceptive use only widen the scope of sexual
violence to the future generation, hiding and perpetuating the
social ills of sexual violence.
All African countries should establish National (Federal) Ethics
and Moral Commission for Science, Culture and Religion.
The mandate of the NEMC for science should among other things
a.        Protection of life from stem cell level to full human
          Africa is the World largest exporter of embryonic stem cells,
with European based In vitro Fertilization (IVF) satellite clinics,
established in most big cities in Africa, to retrieve embryonic stem
cells from poor uneducated African women. The egg donor
programs are conducted without ethical informed consent, as a
result, most donors are not aware of the health hazards, including
kidney and liver failure. African governments have no legislation
and law enforcement structures in place, to protect women and
bring under control the unethical practice of in vitro fertilization as
required by the Helsinki Declaration. Most investigators of
unethical stem cell research have relocated their laboratory in
Africa using proxies in both governmental and non-governmental
institutions to carry out research, which would otherwise not pass
ethical boards in Europe and America. Ethical councils should be
constituted as broadly as possible in expertise, but to make
reviews feasible in good time. A review of the ethical boards in
Europe and their functions have been provided at: http://www.

b.        Protection against vaccine contaminants that may cause

Many in Africa believe that, their fertility could be damaged by
vaccines for common diseases like tetanus, polio, malaria etc.
This was caused by, earlier reported use by pro-abortion
advocates, of vaccines for tetanus, polio and malaria,
mischievously merged with immunogenic components to cause
infertility in women of childbearing age in Africa. Most people in
rural communities in Nigeria, have refused vaccination for polio
for the fear of infertility, threatening the World polio eradication
program. Despite all assurances, there is still suspicion of the
link between vaccines and infertility. It is therefore, imperative that,
there be constituted international and national vaccine safety
monitoring agencies, charged with quality assurance beyond that,
asserted by industry and international donor agencies. All batches
of vaccines must be checked for contaminants, especially those
that could cause infertility. This would reassure the people in
Africa and improve cooperation. Failure to accomplish such
confidence building measures may undermine the use of
vaccination, in the preventive strategy for diseases, with
devastating effects on World health.

c.        Protection of culture and religion using national ethical code
of conduct.           

The situation in Africa is a gradual and continuing erosion of
African cultural values by strong modern influence, but leaves
nothing in its place. All African countries must strive to reach a
national consensus, on what would constitute common elements
of their cultural diversity and use these values to derive an ethical
and moral code of conduct for their country. The traditional
structure and religious influence are still strong in Africa, and
could contribute immensely to formulation of ethical and moral
codes for each country, which would reflect African traditional
values of truth and transparency, respect for elders and women,
and proclamation of sexual harassment, contraception and
abortion as abominations.  The commission must educate the
people, prosecute offenders, and rehabilitate victims. It is no
secret today that, in both public and private sectors, schools,
universities and even churches, sexual harassment is epidemic
and translates into an abortion/contraception psycho. At the root of
corruption in Africa are sexual crimes. The State must enforce
sexual harassment laws with vigor, transparency and community

We have provided concrete evidence that, abortion and
contraception have negative influence on health and economy. We
decided to make our views known to all heads of UN member
states, and to request their assistance, to review the policies that
adversely affect Africa and elsewhere.  The new emergent African
intelligentsia wants to engage with the international community, in
order to offer an African Perspective to culture and science. There
will be no future, if contraception and abortion thrive in Africa, and
hence our protest.
We thank you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD
African Anti-abortion Coalition for AAAC Council.

Jesus sets the stage for the two principal forces of the grand
finale: GOD and money.
You cannot serve both God and money”
Matthew 6:24
. We are told of the two camps that will be engaged
in this war, those who follow Christ to acknowledge that, his blood
and flesh would replace that of the Unborn, and those who do not.
In our own words: Pro-Life and Pro-choice.
From that [time] many
of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. John 6:
. These people who have refused to walk with Christ in the anti-
abortion campaign, John refers to them in the passage John 6:66,
and were to be the followers of the said "Beast" in Revelation 19,
and have the mark
666. It refers to the passage John 6:66, to
underscore that the divide would be along Pro-Life and Pro-choice
lines. The stage would be set for a show down of the forces.
And I
saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies,
gathered together to make war with him that sat upon the horse
and with his army. Revelations 19:19
.  The kings are the heads of
governments who support abortion and contraception policies
and the "Beast" are a group of wealthy people who encourage
them to do so, using monetary incentives.

The Swastika versus the Cross of Christ
The paralellism of forms is important throughout the ages. The
Swastika is a symbol used in the Third Reich that, denotes the
opposition to the Cross of Christ. It lacked the colors that bring full
meaning to the Swastika, because it was at its first stage of
development. The Swastika was said to mean peace in age-old
Buddist culture, it was yellow in color, this meant peace to the
people. Some cultures in the past had differentiated between the
clockwise swastika and the counter-clockwise sauvastika. Some
people are trying to differentiate the two meanings of the swastika
by varying its direction - trying to make the clockwise, Nazi version
of the swastika mean hate and death while the counter-clockwise
version would hold the ancient meaning of the symbol, life and
good-luck.   The swastika is an extremely powerful symbol. The
Nazis used it to murder millions of people, but for centuries it had
positive meanings. The swastika is an ancient symbol that has
been used for over 3,000 years. Artifacts such as pottery and
coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly
used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE. During the following
thousand years, the image of the swastika was used by many
cultures around the world, including in China, Japan, India, and
southern Europe. By the Middle Ages, the swastika was a well
known, if not commonly used, symbol but was called by many
different names: China - wan, England - fylfot, Germany -
Hakenkreuz, Greece - tetraskelion and gammadion, India -
swastika.  Though, it is not known for exactly how long, Native
Americans also have long used the symbol of the swastika.  The
word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" meaning
"good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix.  Until the Nazis
used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures
throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power,
strength, and good luck.  Even in the early twentieth century, the
swastika was still a symbol with positive connotations. In the
1800s, countries around Germany were growing much larger,
forming empires; yet Germany was not a unified country until
1871. To counter the feeling of vulnerability and the stigma of
youth, German nationalists in the mid-nineteenth century began to
use the swastika, because it had ancient Aryan/Indian origins, to
represent a long Germanic/Aryan history. By the end of the
nineteenth century, the swastika could be found on nationalist
German volkisch periodicals and was the official emblem of the
German Gymnasts' League. In the beginning of the twentieth
century, the swastika was a common symbol of German
nationalism and could be found in a multitude of places such as
the emblem for the Wandervogel, a German youth movement; on
Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels' antisemitic periodical Ostara; on
various Freikorps units; and as an emblem of the Thule Society.

Hitler and the Nazis
In 1920, Adolf Hitler decided that the Nazi Party needed its own
insignia and flag. For Hitler, the new flag had to be "a symbol of
our own struggle" as well as "highly effective as a poster." (Mein
Kampf, pg. 495)  On August 7, 1920, at the Salzburg Congress,
this flag became the official emblem of the Nazi Party. In Mein
Kampf, Hitler described the Nazis' new flag: "In red we see the
social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the
swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan
man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative
work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-
Semitic." (pg. 496-497) Because of the Nazis' flag, the swastika
soon became a symbol of hate, antisemitism, violence, death,
and murder.

What Does the Swastika Mean Now? Colored Swastika a
Symbol of the 'Fourth Reich' of Techno-Nazis
We now live in the period of the 'Fourth Reich' where violence
death and genocide against the Unborn, the weak, the poor, the
old and the sick takes more lives around the World each day, than
the entire period of the 'Third Reich' and the communist holocaust
put together. It is no more the government of Nazi Germany, but
involves governments of the World, both democratic and
dictatorial. There are no more a select group of people (Jews and
Blacks) but the entire human race, that faces mass genocide. It is
done in the name of embryonic stem cell research, that deceitfully
promises cures after killing of the Unborn. It promises to give
health to the aged, while denying Life to the young.  The poor
countries provide the 'raw materials' in human embryonic stem
cells, that the rich countries will use to keep healthy and make
profit. The poor will face genocide, for the rich to live and prosper.
The aged will face euthanasia, for the social security to be solvent
when the rich retires. Information technology will spread, to keep a
tag on everybody everywhere at all times. Which symbol do you
have:  The Swastika or The Cross of Christ.  
The Swastika in full color is a symbol of the 'Fourth Reich' in its full
meaning. In its full version, the curved crosses of the Swastika
encloses colors, that show what they stand for. The leading color
of the Fourth Reich Swastika' is Red, standing against golden
yellow, that is violence against the Chosen People of God - the
Church. Then, the Blue color stands against with Green. The red
and blue colors  were known in the 'Third Reich' as the colors of
death. It related to the expression 'turns blue' as a sign of dying.
This was evident in Eva Braun's Last Tragic Abortion (by Lynda
Shor), Eva Braun (wife of Adolf Hitler) wore a deep blue colored
dress. The Green color stands for Life particularly at its inception -
the Unborn. In other words, blue against green denotes abortion
and conception (death) to the Unborn. The full meaning of the
color quadrants is Violence (RED)  against the Church-People of
God (YELLOW), Death (BLUE) to the Unborn (GREEN). Note that
the color quadrants are arranged in horizontal opponent colors to
cover the entire color space: red (long wave) vs green (medium
wave);  blue (short wave) vs yellow (long wave). This is important,
to provide maximum contrast of the vertical positions:  culture of
death  (red & blue) against culture of life (green and yellow). They
that are of the 'culture of death' will March out in RED and BLUE.
They will float money around as their only god, claiming to have
the solutions to all World problems from Poverty and Disease to
Climate change. The culture of death will show themselves by
what the wear around their neck, or on the breast or around their
wrist. It will be a contrast of Red and Blue.
The sons and
daughters of darkness talk charity but work to chastise the
defenceless. The give bread and ask for Life
.  Symbolism with
colors will be important to them.  The symbol of the Fourth Reich
does not relate to any person or corporations or country. It is a
symbol of an Age, a belief system, that humans are animals with
no spirits, but are just raw materials used to keep the factory of
the World running for profit to serve their god of money. Humans
would only reproduce enough to keep it from extinction, but not
procreate to live their full potential intended by God. It is a belief
humans meet the need of technology and not technology to
serve humans
. What is prime in the 'Fourth Reich' is
consumerism for profit. The Lust of Eyes, the Lust of Flesh and
the Pride of Life are the manifestations of this spiritual and moral
decadence. The Church becomes merely an institution of historic
relevance, for which it makes sense to convert the building to
shopping malls and apartment complexes. Rather than give to the
poor and  assist the less fortunate, the money is spent on the next
techno-gadgets, that have no added value to quality of Life for the
user. There should be no finger pointing at anyone or any
corporations as representing the 'Fourth Reich'. Each individual
has to do a self-examination, to assess where he/she belongs.
Anyone involved in finger pointing is trying to run away from the
personal responsibility, we all share for the sorry state of the
world today. It is a roll-call for all of us, made by Christ Himself.
There are two choices for each of us, the thief on the right side or
the thief on the left side. In this Fourth Reich, we are held
accountable by our CHOICE of LIFE or DEATH from abortions and
It is not a we versus them, but I versus Christ, am
I for Christ or against.
Christ lets us know that what is paramount
is the WILL of the THE FATHER, and that should guide our
That servant who knows his master's will and does not
get ready pr does not do what his master wants will be beaten
with many blows. But the one who does not know and does things
deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From
everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded;
and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more
will be asked.
" Luke 12:47-48.  Christ lets us know that we are not
at liberty to make a wrong choice, and this comes with a heavy
responsibility. This issue of CHOICE  will divide us: "
Do you think
that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather
division; for henceforth in one house there will be five divided,
three against two and two against three; they will be divided, father
against son and son against father, mother against daughter and
daughter against her mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-
in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
" Luke 12:
. It is also on this issue of  CHOICE, that we shall be judged.
I tell you, in that night there will be two in one bed; one will be
taken and the other left. 17.35 There will be two women grinding
together; one will be taken and the other left." And they said to him,
"Where, Lord?" He said to them, "Where the body is, there the
vultures  will gather.
" Luke 17:34-37. Here again Christ makes it
clear, that the issue of PRO-CHOICE of DEATH will need call for
natural cleaners (vultures) to take charge. As long as you are
living, it is not too late to make a choice. Please join us to fight the
evils of this world. Our enemies are not men and women, but the
powerful force of the Evil One, deceiving people.
MUST VIOLENCE be used against anyone or any corporation or
any country, or any religious group. Anyone using violence has
denied Christ and cannot be justified, no matter the reason
. Be
pro-life not pro-death.  Our symbol is the Cross of Christ that
brings light into a very dark world, and is the mark of the faithful.
The People of God must rejoice, because we know the outcome
of the current conflict:
But the beast was captured, and with him
the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his
behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received
the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them
were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.
Swastika of the 'Fourth Reich' in full Color
Cross of Christ
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The Cross of Calvary and The Calvary of the Womb
Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy
womb Jesus
. Luke 1:42
Calvary of the Womb
Cross of Calvary
February 14th is the St Valentine's Day for Lovers. However, it
was selected for the Millions' Peoples' March by all Faiths.

On 13 November, 2007 the African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC) and
other Prolife Organizations in Nigeria comprising the Association of
Concerned Mothers, Abuja and Lagos, National Association for Women’s
Advancement, Lagos, Happy Home Foundation, Enugu, Human and
Family Commission, Plateau state, National Council of Muslim Youths,
Abuja, Catholic Women’s Association, Project for Human Development,
Lagos, Care of the Estranged for Social Development, Lagos,
Doctorsdotelife, Lagos, MediaWatch, Secretariat of the Catholic Bishops’
Conference, Abuja, under the coordination of Heritage Network met with
the Senate Leadership headed by the Senate President  - His Excellency
Senator David Mark.

1.        The main issue of discussion centered on the Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
CEDAW is a UN convention signed and ratified during the military era
when constitutional and legislative processes were suspended, and
would become binding on the Federal Republic of Nigeria if it were to be
domesticated. Discussants pointed out that even though there are some
laudable goals CEDAW seeks to address it remains flawed on major
fundamental issues that, would legitimize abortion and contraception in
Nigeria. Furthermore, CEDAW would infringe on our national sovereignty
by seeking in article 2 (f) “….to modify or abolish existing laws,
regulations, customs and practices…. And in 2 (g) to repeal all national
penal provisions which constitute discrimination against women.”

2.        The Congress of the United States of America has refused to ratify
and domesticate this convention because it infringes on her sovereignty
and contravenes the Constitution of the US.

3.        CEDAW is also at variance with the African Charter on Human and
People’s Rights (1981) and African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of
African Child (1990). CEDAW is a complete break with the traditions and
values of Africa by its separation of the well being and the rights of
mother from the well being and rights of the child.

4.        CEDAW fails to recognize the cultural diversity affecting women’s
rights in different parts of Nigeria as a multicultural nation. A nation
without culture is a nation without identity.

5.        CEDAW has a committee empowered to monitor the
implementation of the convention in State Parties that have ratified it.
Each State Party is obliged to report to this committee every 4 years. The
interpretations of the convention and subsequent recommendations of
this Committee become binding on State Parties when they domesticate
CEDAW. The General Recommendation 24 of this Committee has
interpreted the term “family planning” as contained in Articles 10 (h), 12.1,
14(b) and 16.1 (e)  of CEDAW to mean state funded abortion and
contraception. If CEDAW is domesticated by the National Assembly,
Nigeria will not escape the over-reaching efforts by the CEDAW
Committee to impose abortion on our country as an international
obligation. To date there are 37 countries that the CEDAW Committee
has pressurized to legalize abortion. At the continental level, the MAPUTO
protocol seeks to achieve the same result of legalizing abortion. Such
international and domestic pressure was at the heart of the last failed
attempt to pass the Reproductive Health bill.

6.        While recognizing the immense pressure that women with crisis
pregnancies face, we wish to categorically state that abortion is violence
not only to the unborn child but also to the mother. Nigeria women
deserve better than abortion.

7.        CEDAW, in Articles 1, 5a and 10c, as part of its focus on ensuring
equality between the sexes, seeks to abolish ALL stereotypes in the
roles of men and women. This is a position that underlies the issue of
gay and lesbian relations and marriage but the Nigerian woman believes
in equality but not sameness. She fights for equality but not at the
detriment of the family. She cherishes certain positive stereotypes that
define her within her culture especially motherhood. CEDAW is on record
as reprimanding Belarus for instituting Mothers’ Day as a national
holiday, viewing this as a stereotype of women.

8.        The Senate leadership expressed interest on hearing further
matters on CEDAW. The Senate President underscored that, even
though he personally opposes abortion, it would be a matter of
conscience for each senator. The effort of the network of Prolife
organizations is commendable and points to a growing participation of
the people in the democratic process.

9.        The African Anti-abortion Coalition presented the Senate
Leadership with two letters on Facts and Figures on the Economics of
Contraception Abortion: A Reply to G8 Leaders; and Letter to the
Presidency of the G8 Summit 2007 –     2nd Anniversary of the 2005
Declaration of G8 Africa Action Plan.

10.        The Senate Leadership accepted the submissions and promised
to deliberate on the relevant issues raised.  

Signed by.:

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD. AAAC Chairman.


11th  January, 2008
His Excellency,
Executive Governor
His Excellency,

It is with great pleasure that the African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC) is
writing you to present the programme for Anti-Abortion campaign in
Africa. Our mission mandates that we promote awareness about the
rising rate of abortion in our society and its deleterious effects. We are
committed to oppose all forms of legalization of abortion in Nigeria. Our
ultimate goal is the call to Holiness of persons and promotion of human
dignity in society.
We intend to hold the 2008 annual Millions People March against
abortion, with the theme: “Save The African Child”. We thank the State
government for their support for the 2007 March. We encourage the
participation of faith-based organizations (Christian women
organizations, Christian youth organizations, Knights of the Church,
Protestants and Pentecostal Organizations, Islamic Organizations etc),
government (local and state governments, political parties, army, navy
and police), non- governmental organizations, schools and institutions.
We have invited members of Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) and
Islamic Organization of Nigeria in the same area to organize their local
March as an ecumenical and multi-faith effort. The State Police
Commissioners have been informed. We want to request that the State
government authorize the Commissioner for Education to permit
selected secondary school students to participate in the peaceful March
of February 14th 8AM-12NOON, along the path to be announced by the
LOC. We also expect as was done in 2007, a goodwill message, to be
delivered to participants from the office of the Governor.
The international day chosen for the annual March is February 14th, 2008.
We are very grateful to share with you this great responsibility.
We thank you in anticipation.

                               Yours faithfully,
                         Prince Dr Philip Njemanze
          Chairman African Anti-Abortion Coalition.
To Denise M Cameron
Pro Life Victoria
*Tel./Fax 03 93877065
Mobile 0404736490 *

Dear Denise Cameron,

WHY the Global Pro-Life Alliance (GPA).
The pro-abortion groups formed a grand plan for a multilateral
global attack on Life. Three fronts were mapped out: (1) To use the
promise of 'miracle' cures from stem cell research of embryonic and
fetal germ cells origin, to push the issue of legalization and use of
embyonic and fetal tissues, even though there is no evidence to
support it. (2) To use the issue of Climate Change to pursue
population control policies based on abortion and contraceptive
use, even though it is causing major health hazards. Their
argument is that each person has a carbon foot print and the more
the people the greater the environmental disaster. Their method is
to use scare tactics on governments and people of the Western
World to push for limitations on population growth in developing
countries of Africa and Asia. Even  though the evidence shows that
one perosn in the industralized World uses more carbon foot print
than 300 people living in Africa. (3) To use the issue of emergency
in Global Health to push for new vaccines which could provide relief
for some diseases like malaria in Africa but could potentially be
merged with immunogenic components that could cause infertility
in recipients in Africa and other developing countries. This agenda
began with probably uninformed collaboration from G8 leaders on
7/7/2005, in Scotland under the disguse of African Action Plan. This
was why we protested to the G8 see
Using the first promise of great gains from embyonic stem cell
transplantation they were able to bring almost all major investor
Billionnaires around the world to put in money in the project. They
have all bought the stocks in the startup biotech companies with a
promise of great gains. By legalizing abortions in developing
countries in Africa they will get the constant fetal  embryonic germ
cells for organ transplantation. In other to blackmail African
governments, they made foreign aid conditional to legalizing
abortion.  With the issue of climate change the would win
government sympathy and when not able they would influence
electoral defeat of conservative governments around the World, who
would not sign on to their agenda. With the issue of Global Health
concerns, they will cover with the so-called health charity the real
objective to reduce fertility through vaccines. The duration of the
project as pronounced by some of their main architects was said to
be three and half years or 1,260 days. Read how this relates to
issues of faith at
We need to provide a global response to this attack on Life and GPA
would be a good start.

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD

                                                             January 31st, 2008

His Grace John Onaiyekan,
President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

His Grace,

Pro-Abortionists War on the African Child- ABUJA-
3rd African Conference on Reproductive Health

We the pro-Life organizations in Nigeria wish to appeal to CAN and
all Nigerian Christian Bishops and Islamic Religious Leaders to
issue a press release to condemn the aim of pro-abortionists who
are holding the 3rd African Conference on Reproductive Health on
4th - 7th February at the Abuja International Conference Hall
organized by the NGO Action Health  Inc., sponsored by the Ministry
of Health, Ipas, UNIFEM, UNFDP. The aim of the conference is to
sensitize school children on abortion as part of the international
conspiracy to establish a "culture of death" in Nigeria. The objective
is to cultivate abortion in the consciousness of under-aged Nigerian
school children by changing curriculum to allow more sex-education
in schools, violating the psychic and culture of the Nigerian Child.
We wish you could act in this short time to voice our complete
opposition to this from members of CAN including Catholic Bishops,
Anglican Bishops, PFN, and also Islamic Organizations of Nigeria. It
will also be useful to put the government on notice that the attempt
to establish this culture of death in Nigeria will have detrimental
consequencies for the Nigerian people. We thank you for attending
to this matter with all urgency.

Yours truly,

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze
Chairman, African Anti-Abortion Coalition

Dr Nkechi Asogwa,
DoctorsdotLife, Nigeria.

We want to thank you and all other Christians,  Moslems and
Secular Groups who contributed to the success of the 2008
Forty Million Peoples' March. The success of  this year's March
far exceeded expectations. With participation from North, to
South, East to West of Africa. There has been an outbreak of
incredible success in sensitizing people about abortions in
Africa. All major national news networks carried the news. Here
in Owerri, Imo State, the March was a great success with
schools, armed forces, civil groups participating actively. We
have entered a new phase of our conquest of the initiative to set
the Culture of Life. Many African countries following AAAC
protests have ordered  a national investigation on the safety of
condom use (see website  
for letters).  We today have lunched a New Initiative to Save
Marine Life in Rivers, Seas and Oceans by requiring
environmental regulation of Estrogens levels in water.
Estrogens are stable hormonal compounds of the female
reproductive system that are given as contraceptive pills and
passed out in female urine as non-decomposable compounds,
which remain active in ground water. Because of the high use of
contraceptive pills around the world, the rivers and streams now
have very high levels of estrogens and does not allow
reproduction of fishes and hence disturbing Marine Eco-system
balance and killing all Marine Life. This massive death of
Marine Life, turns our rivers and seas into dead seas. For faith
groups you might find the relevant predictions in Rev.8: 8 And
the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain
burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the
sea became blood; 9: And the third part of the creatures which
were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the
ships were destroyed. In Nigeria, Rivers in population areas
now lack fish in urban areas. We are requesting AAAC and
other Pro-Life Groups to take on the issue in their countries. We
will push for an International Convention at the Soil and Water
Convention, requesting the ban on use of estrogens in
contraceptive pills, ans declaring them as environmentally
harmful substances, a 1000 times more dangerous that the
banned pestiside DDT. We are encouraging all national groups
joining the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) to draw a new frontier
on The Environment and Contraception.

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD
Chairman, African Anti-Aboriton Coalition (AAAC)
              PRESS RELEASE

On 14th February, 2008, the African Anti-Abortion Coalition
(AAAC) and other Pro-Life Organizations comprising secular and
faith-based groups, held a successful annual Forty Million
People Life March Against Abortion in all Africa countries with the
theme “Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb’. The scientific and
technical committees of the AAAC council had determined that
the focus in 2008 for the Global Pro-Life Alliance (GPA) would be
on “Environment and Contraception”. We wish to highlight the
emerging threat to human and aquatic life from high use of
estrogen compounds in contraceptive pills in Africa.

The main issues raised were:

1.        There is an emerging threat to Global Health by the high
use of hormonal estrogen compounds in contraceptive pills. The
latter problem is most acute in African countries, where
wastewater treatment is poor or absent.

2.        Experts at the United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Toxic Substances Hydrology Program have established that
endocrine-disrupting compounds such as estrogen from
contraceptive pills damage the reproductive systems of aquatic
life. The researchers discovered an alarming finding of skewed
gender ratio and abnormal female fish, downstream of treatment
plants and pollution-control equipment. The researchers also
discovered many strange, inter-sex fish, which had both male
and female reproductive tissue. Similar findings have been
made by ecotoxicologists in Canada, United Kingdom, and other
European Union countries.

3.        The synthetic estrogen hormones in the wastewater
influent and effluent were:  estrone, estriol, equilin, estradiol, 17
alpha-ethinyl estradiol, which are compounds used in
contraceptive pills.  The concentration of estrogens in the influent
and effluent of the treatment plants ranged from 0.5 to 259 ng/L,
which are several million times more than the concentrations
found to harm aquatic life in controlled laboratory experiments.
The removal of these compounds with sophisticated water
treatment techniques ranged from negligible for 17alpha-
dihydroequilin to 41-99% for other estrogen compounds. As a
result, the fertility and mental health of the human population and
aquatic life are severely under threat.

4.        More recently in 2007, studies in Africa have shown that
contraceptive use is damaging aquatic life. For example, studies
in Gauteng South Africa, demonstrated histological evidence of
inter-sex in a fish species inhabiting a South African water
source. The researchers discovered many strange, inter-sex
fish, which had both male and female reproductive tissue. Any
change in the gender ratio or abnormality in reproductive tissue
can adversely affect a population of fish, potentially reducing it
with each generation. It also threatens the entire food chain of
the aquatic eco-system.

5.         Participants decried the irresponsible ‘dumping’ of
contraceptive pills in many African countries by international
funding agencies and governments without regard to health and
environmental issues. The problem of environmental effects of
estrogen compounds in contraceptive pills would be most acute
in Africa, where water treatment measures are very poor or even

6.        The participants called on the African Union and United
Nations to ban exports of contraceptive pills to African countries,
similar to the measures taken for environmentally harmful

7.        All experts agreed that Africans could be best served by
using natural family planning methods.

Signed by:

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD
African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC)

On 14th February, 2008 the African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC) and
other Pro-Life Organizations comprising secular and faith-based
groups, held a successful annual Forty Million People Life March
Against Abortion in Africa with the theme “Blessed is the Fruit of Your
Womb’. The scientific and technical committees of the AAAC council
had determined that the focus in 2008 for the Global Pro-Life Alliance
(GPA) would be on “Environment and Contraception”. We wish to
highlight the emerging threat to human and aquatic life from high use of
estrogen compounds in contraceptive pills in Africa.

The main issues raised were:

1.        There is an emerging threat to Global Health by the high use of
hormonal estrogen compounds in contraceptive pills. The latter
problem is most acute in African countries, where wastewater
treatment is poor or absent.

2.        Experts at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Toxic
Substances Hydrology Program have established that endocrine-
disrupting compounds such as estrogen from contraceptive pills
damage the reproductive systems of aquatic life. The researchers
discovered an alarming finding of skewed gender ratio and abnormal
female fish, downstream of treatment plants and pollution-control
equipment. The researchers also discovered many strange, inter-sex
fish, which had both male and female reproductive tissue. Similar
findings have been made by ecotoxicologists in Canada, United
Kingdom, and other European Union countries.

3.        The synthetic estrogen hormones in the wastewater influent and
effluent were:  estrone, estriol, equilin, estradiol, 17 alpha-ethinyl
estradiol, which are compounds used in contraceptive pills.  The
concentration of estrogens in the influent and effluent of the treatment
plants ranged from 0.5 to 259 ng/L, which are several thousand times
more than that the concentrations found to harm aquatic life in
controlled laboratory experiments. The removal of these compounds
with sophisticated water treatment techniques ranged from negligible
for 17alpha-dihydroequilin to 41-99% for other estrogen compounds.
As a result, the fertility and mental health of the human population and
aquatic life are severely under threat.

4.        More recently in 2007, studies in Africa have shown that
contraceptive use is damaging aquatic life. For example, studies in
Gauteng South Africa, demonstrated histological evidence of inter-sex
in a fish species inhabiting a South African water source. The
researchers discovered many strange, inter-sex fish, which had both
male and female reproductive tissue. Any change in the gender ratio or
abnormality in reproductive tissue can adversely affect a population of
fish, potentially reducing it with each generation. It also threatens the
entire food chain of the aquatic eco-system.

5.         Participants decried the irresponsible ‘dumping’ of contraceptive
pills in many African countries by international funding agencies and
governments without regard to health and environmental issues. The
problem of environmental effects of estrogen compounds from
contraceptive pills would be most acute in Africa, where water treatment
measures are very poor or even absent.

6.        The participants called on the African Union and United Nations
to ban exports of contraceptive pills to African countries, similar to the
measures taken for environmentally harmful pesticides.

7.        All experts agreed that Africans could be best served by using
natural family planning methods.

Signed by:

Prince Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD
African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC)
The New Push to Domesticate CEDAW through       
State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria
Letters to President Obama, and US Congress on
Biological Colonialism
Letters to Catholic Bishops' Conferences
Around the World on
Biological Colonialism of Africa
Letters to the Secretary General and the
President of the United Nations on
Biological Colonialism of Africa
Letters to First Ladies of the African Union
Attempts at Mass Sterilization Using
anti-Human Chorionic Gonadotropins
The Economics of Abortion, Population
Control and Productivity
Neuroscience of Gender Complimentarity.
Research Publications by Njemanze PC and
Pope Benedict XVI has convened the Second Special Assembly
for Africa.  The African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC) and the
Global Pro-Life Alliance (GPA) have drafted a letter in
preparation of the work of the Synod of African Catholic
Bishops. Please download the full copy of this letter.
The Second Special Assembly for Africa